We are proud to present the Solar Muscle, our FSS solar-powered LED light, developed in Australia & Argentina, made in China and used in Africa and the rest of the world.

It is incredible but true: our simple light has already done more for several thousands of African families than extensive and focused international aid programs. The Solar Muscle, the new Flexiway Solar Solutions (FSS) Solar-powered LED light.

See the benefits of our design and the specifications below or download the Solar-Muscle Fact Sheet.(PDF, 395KB)

Simple but powerful: 10 benefits. Its power and benefits compared to other lights come from its simplicity.

Just one button: the on/off switch

No moving or separate parts, no connectors needed

Easy to connect to walls, roofs using screws, wires or even sticks!

Standard-sized batteries, easy to replace.

Fully Solar powered


Small and light

Connectable: join more lights when needed! The new Solar Muscles click together to form a wall of light!

Weather- & shockproof


Most important: bright & affordable: earned back in a month of kerosene savings!

By that time the average family will have saved about $200-$300, which will have been multiplied due to the positive side effects (extra work & studying that has been made possible, improved safety & health etc).

Get your Solar Muscle now! Please contact us using the THIS LINK to discuss your projects and our cooperation. Please indicate if there is any urgency/emergency we should be aware of and we will take this into account.